Emily Buys her First Home

Some of us avoid people from our past like the plague. Others partner up with them to conquer major life milestones. Lucky for the two ladies in this story, both were college friends worth staying in touch with after graduation.

Our agent Kate Gaffey and her client Emily met years ago through a mutual friend, who was both Kate’s college friend and Emily’s childhood friend. Emily and Kate have remained friends throughout the years and back in February, they bumped into each other at a Mardi Gras party. Kate knew Emily was engaged, and when she mentioned she was looking to buy her first house soon with her fiancé Isaac, Kate knew she had come to the party for more than just celebrating a New Orleans tradition. The two agreed to pair up when the time came to start house hunting.

After a few discussions on what they were looking for, Kate, Emily, and Isaac started looking at houses in early August. The couple didn’t have any major requirements for their home except that they wanted to be within 30 minutes of Lake Bluff, where Isaac worked.

As showings sometimes go, the pair fell in love with the very first house they saw. It was their dream home and they couldn’t stop thinking about it in the following weeks. Nestled in a cute Winthrop Harbor neighborhood and only a short walk from the beach, it was perfect for them. The problem was, this house was overpriced for the market it was in. Way overpriced. Kate found a house with very similar specs right across the street for $20k less.

Not to be discouraged by this, Kate helped them put an offer in, hopeful that they would bring the price down. Unfortunately, the seller refused to come down from their price and Emily and Isaac were forced to make the decision. Did they want to pay an extra 20 grand for their dream house, or continue looking at other places? After considering the market with Kate and understanding that the house would immediately drop down to market value as soon as they bought it, the couple decided to pass on the house.

Soon after, they were able to see the house across the street. It was a ranch-style home with 3 beds and 2 baths, with an outdoor deck and a spacious yard home to an apple tree. They put in an offer and it was accepted in late August. They then focused on their next milestone: their wedding in mid-November, which Kate officiated! Just kidding. Congrats to Emily and Isaac, we wish you two the best in your new home!

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