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How to buy a home in Chicago in 30 minutes

Join us on April 25th for a FREE webinar for future Chicago home buyers, covering everything from getting approved for a mortgage to the closing table. 

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Everything you need to know about Chicago home buying.

Without leaving your chair.

We get it – buying a home is a complex process: securing a loan, submitting offers, negotiating price, getting an inspection, transferring utilities….it’s a lot more than just clicking through photos of homes online. But you can do it! We’re here to help.
Mike McElroy

Center Coast Founder Mike McElroy and his team have helped more than a thousand Chicagoans make moves over the last decade. They’ve seen everything that can go right or wrong in a real estate transaction and distilled that experience into a trusted process that gets results. Whether home buying is in your immediate or distant future, you’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to win at home buying.

In this free webinar for future home buyers, you’ll learn how to:

Get Ready

How do you know it’s the right time? Center Coast works with buyers, sellers, and renters, so we’ve helped plenty of Chicagoans answer this question.

Get a Mortgage

Everything you need to do to qualify for a mortgage, plus a simple way to calculate how much you’d qualify for today.

Get your Dream Home

Trust us – you don’t want to go into this process blindfolded. Learn the steps to the process and key strategies for success.

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Buy a Home in 30 Minutes

Thursday, April 25th, 12:15pm-12:45pm


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