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Resources for Home Buyers, Sellers and Renters in Chicago

We get it: sometimes you don’t feel like talking to another person. When you have questions that need answering and you just want to dig in yourself, check out our free calculators and start turning your dream of finding a new home into a reality.

Buying Power Calculator

Our Buying Power calculator will help you:

  • Plan your next real estate purchase
  • Set a budget and narrow your search
  • Find a home you love in your price range


Learn how much equity you have in your home based on:

  • Your home’s value
  • How much you owe on your mortgage
  • What city you live in


Closing Cost Calculator

Get the info you need to plan ahead before buying a home in Chicago.

  • Know what you’ll have to pay for
  • Know how much you’ll have to pay
  • Know when you’ll have to pay it