Tyler and Missy Move to Wicker Park

No one expects to have to do a final walk-through on crutches, but real estate, just like life in general, can be unpredictable at times.

To rewind a bit, our clients Tyler and Missy have known Center Coast agent Xavier Cruz for a couple of years now. They’re both attorneys, and met Xavier, a former marketing director for a litigation services firm, at a charity event for CASA – an organization that supports and promotes court-appointed advocates for abused or neglected children. Missy is from New York, and Tyler is from Utah, and when it came time for the couple to plant some roots in Chicago, they turned to Xavier for help.

Formerly renters in River North, the couple had a solid idea of what they wanted in a home – a two bedroom, two bath condo in a good neighborhood with views of the city. They took the initiative to do a healthy amount of online research before going to visit properties with Xavier. Xavier says they probably saw nine places before a condo randomly popped up in one of Xavier’s favorite buildings on North Avenue in Wicker Park. It came on the market on a Thursday, and after analyzing the price and some nearby comps with Xavier, the couple rushed to see it as soon as they could. They knew condos like this one were going off the market quickly.

Xavier loved this property for good reason; it was a beautiful open-concept, split-level condo with huge windows overlooking North Ave and lots of natural light. The location was great; it was only a couple blocks from Wicker Park’s six corners and the Damen blue line stop, a straight shot east to the lake, and a 12-minute commute to their offices. Not to mention the upstairs patio that overlooked the city. It was perfect for them, and they knew they had to act fast if they wanted a chance to snag it.

Tyler & Missy's Wicker Park Condo

Tyler & Missy's Wicker Park Condo

Tyler & Missy's Wicker Park Condo

View from Tyler & Missy's Wicker Park Condo

Swiftness and strategy worked in their favor. After visiting the condo, the couple only took a day to evaluate the decision and submit their offer. There was another offer on the table, but with Xavier’s help, Tyler and Missy were able to land their dream first home.

So you’d hope the story happily ended there – that the rest of the process went smoothly and they were able to cruise right into closing day. Unfortunately, as things sometimes go, there was one small bump in the road. Just ten days before closing, Xavier gave Tyler a call to check in and assure that all of the documents were in line moving forward. Tyler told him he broke his knee playing soccer and had to undergo surgery less than a week before closing. Now, of course, this didn’t affect his home buying ability, but it sure makes for a tough final walk-through when you’re on crutches and your new home is split-level.

Just another example of how in some cases, you have to expect the unexpected. Another thing we can expect: Tyler and Missy will love their new condo and neighborhood. Congrats to Tyler and Missy on their first home, and we wish Tyler a speedy recovery!

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